Recommended M-WERC Actions

The Mid-West has a unique opportunity to take advantage of growing markets for ESS technology by leveraging its many strengths and initiating a number of new strategic activities to further its abilities. The top five action items arising from the ESS Roadmap are as follows:

  1. M-WERC should promote ESS as an industry development target with Mid-West regional economic development leaders
  2. M-WERC should develop a combined ESS/DERS Working Group, like the IEEE Working Group, to actively sustain the implementation of the strategically related ESS and DERS industry roadmaps, its databases, and promotional collaboration
  3. M-WERC should pursue and develop to two to four value-added partnerships with nationally/internationally recognized ES advocacy and technology development organizations that can provide resources, funding, or leverage to develop energy storage technology, its market, supportive policy, and roadmaps
  4. M-WERC should develop a strategy for developing or attracting ESS gap technology companies to the M-WERC region
  5. M-WERC should develop an ESS technology roadmap, add ESS research projects to the next solicitation and promote the development of pilot demonstration projects across the region

A more detailed and prioritized action plan was developed that provided focus for each of the major M-WERC core mission action areas and is included in the full report. The resulting conclusions and action plans provide a solid path for M-WERC and our Members to claim a significant role in the emergence of energy storage technology as a game changer for the electric power infrastructure.

The complete M-WERC ESS Roadmap is available to M-WERC Industry and Academic Members in good standing as part of their annual contribution to the organization. Our Members are also granted access to all project and workshop files through the “Members Only”, password protected, section of our website. These files include access to all of our data bases and purchased market research.

For your further information, see the full table of contents for the M-WERC Strategic Roadmap for Energy Storage Systems