Letter from M-WERC

The Mid-West Energy Research Consortium (M-WERC) is proud to issue this executive summary of our third unique industry roadmap. This roadmap focuses on the fast growing Energy Storage and Systems (ESS) industry. We project that the global ESS market will grow dramatically from the current $5.98B (2013) to $25.8B in 2025.

This Energy Storage Systems (ESS) industry roadmap profiles the state of the ESS industry, its size, growth prospects, application segmentation, and a high-level suggested action plan for M-WERC and its members. Many of our members use our industry roadmap reports, and participation in our road mapping process, to as part of their business development and strategic planning process. M-WERC’s uses the roadmap and action plan to drive our programming, resource investment, and to help guide and prioritize the development of our technology roadmap and associated funded research. Beginning this year, the findings of our member report will also be a critical input into our new business accelerator, WERCBench Labs, for members and new startups.

The nearly nine month, M-WERC industry road mapping process is truly unique because it represents a powerful collaborative and iterative process that extracts, combines , and shapes the knowledge and insight of our thought leading members, partners and external experts though a series of four workshops. This unique process provides a synergistic platform for deep and actionable insight development.

Thanks to the support of the energy, power and control industry, M-WERC has grown to be a leading technology consortium and thought leader for advanced energy systems. We catalyze market-driven innovation, growth, and competitiveness among our industry and academic members, partners, and stakeholders in the energy, power, and control industries. Our industry roadmaps are a core and vital component of our members’ success formula.

It is our hope that the information in this report provides you with a better understanding of the value that M-WERC’s industry road mapping process and reports provide to our industry and the Mid-West Region. We hope you will consider joining the M-WERC community in participating in our next roadmap, which will focus on the exciting opportunities afforded by the Energy Water Nexus, to begin in September, 2015.