M-WERC Acknowledgements

This Roadmap describes the rapidly-developing Energy Storage Systems industry and identifies strategies to increase the positive economic impact of this industry and on our Members and the Midwest Region. Primary research for this report resulted largely from the direct participation of over 50 M-WERC members through a series of four workshops and a detailed survey. M-WERC would like to extend sincere thanks to all of our participants for their time and valuable contributions to this report.

This report would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the following individuals and organizations:

  • The ESS Roadmap Team
  • Mark Siira- Power Innovation
  • Robert Eckard – RSE Analytics
  • John Bobrowich- M-WERC
  • External Contributors
  • Cosmin Laslau- Lux Research
  • Andrew Kaplan – Counsel for Energy Storage Association
  • John Petersen – ePower
  • Anissa Dehamna - Navigant Research
  • Chester Kolodziej - Freedom Field Renewable Energy Inc.
  • The ESS Roadmap Steering Committee
  • William Mastoris -We Energies
  • John Schaff – Johnson Controls, Inc
  • Chris Kuhl
  • Dave Wilkens - ViZn Energy
  • Tom Bray - MSOE
  • Alan Perlstein - M-WERC
  • Bruce Beihoff -M-WERC
  • Randy Bertram -WMEP
  • Bart Riley -Quantumscape
  • Troy Miller -S&C Electric
  • Jake Edie -S&C Electric
  • Cosmin Laslau - Lux Research
  • Brett Peters - UW Milwaukee
  • Mark Siira - Power Innovation
  • Vince Stammetti - DRS Technologies
  • Ensync Energy Corp