About M-WERC

M-WERC is a leading technology consortium for advanced systems used in the generation, distribution and use of energy. We catalyze collaborative, market-driven, technology innovation, market expansion and industry growth for our members, partners, and other stakeholders of the energy power and control industries. M-WERC is focused on:

  • Increase sales and new products and markets through their early identification using our industry and technology roadmaps
  • Validate precompetitive and competitive products and technologies through our labs, funded research and demonstration projects
  • Identify new customers and retain existing customers through our extensive member networking and member project opportunities
  • Reduce new employee recruitment and development costs by shaping and taping into the local talent and workforce pipeline though active engagement with our University and Tech College members
  • Save on innovation costs by participating in a local open innovation platform with national outreach and IP exchange
  • Save on market intelligence and research report cost by utilizing our extensive collection of free member business, policy and market intelligence

M-WERC Strategic Roadmaps are funded by our members and the scope and depth of what is covered is directed by our members. If you would like to participate or influence future roadmaps conducted by M-WERC on behalf of the Energy, Power, and Controls industry, please contact us at 414-444-8208 or at membership@m-werc.org